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In this module, I learned about obstacles that can interfere with effective time management:  (1) Procrastination; (2) Immediacy; and (3) Insecurity. The best way to overcome procrastination is to invest time now to complete tasks in order to enjoy my free time in the future. To overcome immediacy, I need to focus on what I want to accomplish and find the most effective method to complete tasks on my list. A “to-do list” can help me organize my tasks in order to manage my time more efficiently.


I have learned that it can be helpful to break down big items into smaller, more manageable tasks as well as prioriticing those that would have larger consequenches if they were not finished 

task list can help with organization


I like the idea of prioritizing my tasks in my to do list and updating that task list the same day of the week every week.

I've always enjoyed using to-do lists, but have found it difficult to prioritize between school, pt job, and ft job. I think using a sense of consequence and urgency, tied with research into the best free to-do list apps, could help me prioritize and keep regular updates on my to-do lists.


Learning to have a balance in everything! Procrastination is a common weakness of each person. But Immediacy can also be one flaw that can lead to burnout and stress. Prioritizing and classifying your to-do-list will give balance and lead to good time management and less stressful situations.

I've always been a big fan of to do lists. They're my tried and true, go to method for organizing tasks. I've definitely run into task insecurity before, specifically becoming overwhelmed with a large number of tasks. The reprioritization was something I hadn't considered much in the past, so it's something I'd like to incorporate more when managing my time!

This was more of a review than anything for me, but it was a great review.


Taking control of your time:

There are certain obstacles in taking control of ones time. Here are some:

  • Control, be sure to over budget for time on a task, show up on time for meetings & such.
  • Procrastination, Complete it now !!!!  95% of people procrastinate, 15% to 20% are chronic.
  • Immediacy, Be careful with this one, 40% of the workforce struggles with this one. It can be self defeating, makes you tired & allows for more mistakes. You need to prioritize & pace youself.
  • Insecurity, it is based on fear of not completing, or of what admin, or others will think. A messy desk is a sign of this, as it shows that a person is looking to “look” busy.  Organizing ones desk, & making piles & a master list is best.  I do this well now.

A to do list is a good start to getting organized. I do this very well now, so I will not list what I will be doing, as I do it very well now, thru prioritizing, & updating lists one a week or more if needed.

I am definitely a to do list person. This module provided me some additional insight in how I can fine tune my to do list process to be more efficient.

I am very glad to have started this course. I am able not only to confirm some of my regular habits but more importantly to identify some other perspectives, tips and techniques that are going to facilitate the way I am used to be organized.

In fact, I learned myself long time ago how important it is to write a prioritise do list to be effective and make a better use of the time available.

To me, this is a must for every organized person, but it is undocubtedly paramount to become an efficient instructor.

Like they say in the real estate market...........location, location, location.............. except here I think it is prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!


How to better prioritize my time. Make tht list


Prioritizing tasks using numbers- go from most important to least


I realized that I already make good prioritized lists of my tasks. I just need to get better at not thinking that everything has to be completed in one day. I need to be happy with what was accomplished on that day and leave the rest of the tasks for the days they are assigned.

This module explains the importance of making a "To Do" list, then breaking it down and priortizing the list so that tasks are less intimidating and in the order which they need to be completed 


So far I have learned about prioritizing tasks and making lists. I actually love making lists and I think that is what keeps me productive. 


A good instructor is aware of giving the students the best use of time.

I've learned how immediacy can truly negatively impact my time management!!


I have learned, and will apply making lists for tasks. in accordance to their importance. I think it can only keep you more organized. thus reducing stress levels


I know setting limits for yourself is important just as important prioritizing, and time management.

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