Karla Moreno

Karla Moreno

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Keep a to do list and based priority tasks by how much of an impact incomplete tasks could have

Instructors worry about scenarios that don't actually happen, which can impede how they interact with the class

Recognizing when a students behavior impacts a class as a whole is important as it may be necessary to step in and remove that challenge

it is important to have an understanding of the age group you are dealing with and make sure to hold the engagement as some students can sometimes be overshadowed by front and center students who often speak up. 

Clear expectations and clear reminders of due dates protect the instructore but also provide important information for the student

When presenting material, be aware that not everyone has the same learning style. It is important to keep information short but precise, to make sure engagement is maintained. 

Communication with students, and getting to know them will help best encourage them to learn the material being presented

Being prepared is an important part to successful teaching. 

Being self-aware will have a big impact on the direction you choose to lead. Do not dwell on your mistake, and use them as a learning experience instead.


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