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I liked the information that this course had to offer about creating a "to-do" list 


In this module I learned several time management stratigies 


Consider the importance of a task and the consequences of not accompleshing it.


Keep a to do list and based priority tasks by how much of an impact incomplete tasks could have

Time management is an important skill to have, because we have to prioritize our daily duties and personal life in order to give everyone and every task time. The most important task should go first and any task that will have the less consequences if it doesn't get done should go last.


Show up on time for meetings,  complete tasks sooner than later so I have more free time later with family. Write out to-do lists to stay organized. 

To do lists and time management are dynamic, they can change from time to time, but setting them in an order can help people stay on task. 

This segment allows the instructor to evaluate their work time and personal time.

It is nice to know, I am not the only procrastinator.

I have learned to work on the most important tasks first, after I've created a to-do list. This method helps me to feel less overwhelmed and feel accomplished.

Immediacy can have an impact on how you manage your time. It is not always a productive tool.

well, using wisely your time, making To do list, and prioritizing situation is getting you to a point where you are going to be more efficient, and every one will benefit from even not  being procrastinating.

A good way to look at demands and prioritize them in order to not become exhausted.

the thought of prioritizing things and what task has the highest reproductions if not complete. 

If you are a practicing teacher, my hope is that you already know how to make a to do list. 

Learned to destress by keeping an improved version of my task lists.

In this module I learned about better time management skills with the help of to do list. Also how to prioritize your task and avoid immediacy. 

Time management is very important and helps to manage tasks before hand without a heavy weight.

This module has helped me to understand how all of the different obstacles work together to decrease productivity, and how to better overcome these with gaining control over your time and creating to-do lists to combat procrastination. 

I like the number next to the list item and placing a value next to it. I try not to procrastinate on things that need to be done.

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