Sherry Jacobs

Sherry Jacobs

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I use critical thinking a lot in my courses. I find that student involvement is minimal and they are quick to find answers on their phones rather than use deductive reasoning or anticipating what is involved in certain procedures. I request students put their phones away during lecture and encourage them to participate using only their common sense and reasoning. I feel this will assist them better out in the field where they need to be "in the moment," and may not always have their phones at the ready. 

I like the idea of incorporating fun into learning medical terminology, as this can be difficult to remember when there are so many terms. I like to play Medical Terminology Family Feud, where I choose teams and one rep from each team faces off and must strike the buzzer first with the correct answer. The first team to reach 10 wins. 

I like the match game, as I believe it helps with retention, in that cognitive function is increased by trying to remember the placement of the cards as well as the match up, which I feel cements the retention of the meaning. 

I like the tossing the ball activity for students to review classroom content. I think this would create a team environment and make the students feel at ease. 

I find that instead of doing a traditional lecture, I try to tell my students a story, incorporating all the information required. This keep their retention longer and they are more able to retain it. 

I am a new instructor and I am still honing my craft. I try to give the students as much information as I can but in a format that will help them retain it. I also ask the other seasoned instructors for advice which really helps. I definitely feel I am going in the right direction. 

Student bad behaviors can be a big distraction, for the instructor, as well as the class. I always try to speak with the student privately to see what's going on with them. A lot of the time, it has nothing to do with school. Sometimes they just need someone to listen. I do my best.


Team assignments are good at bonding the class. I also like to encourage a "Team" mentality at all times. 


Motivating your students is a big part in their success moving forward.


I need to remember that I do not need to be perfect, but effective


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