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Immediacy is key for time managment. Also writing down tasks and checking them off helps too!


I tend to be an immediate / control person.  I recognize, especially after seeing the explanation, that I need to figure out how to let things go and how to wait -- sometimes necessary for my own sanity.


I learned that in order to keep my stress levels low I have to be able to prioritize the task that I need to complete.

I'm going to make task lists with items broken into smaller chunks and rated on importance and urgency. 


To break down to-do list into smaller steps.

I learned how to prioritize most imporatnt task to least important task . Not to procrastinate and list down task that needs to be done. 

I learn that I do a little everything but want to maintain control of everything.  This is not good, but it is who I am have become my age.


I learned that when organizing you need to have 3 stacks, keep, organize, trash. Also that there are consequences for each time you procrastinate. 

Utilize my time better by using a to do that I actually use. 


I learned that trying to get everything done quickly can be just as bad as procrastination.


I've learned that I need to make a list to prioritize tasks. I also learned that I need to stop procrastinating.


I need to stop procrastinating and prioritize tasks.

Write down what makes me stress out, then create a list of ways to destress. Try the same approach daily till I see and feel  that I have address the issue of stress.


Yes I agree we all need to work on time management and administration also need to respect our time and that its just as valuable as there is.

Thinking through your week, jotting down "To Do" items will help forgetful instructors outside class and in the classroom.

As a result of viewing this module, I learned that I should make a "To do List" and prioritize items on the list.  Also, it helped me to realize that I need to avoid procrastination.  I always attend to other needs even if they are not urgent and neglect my responsibilities.


In this module I've realized that prioritizing what is on my "to do" list and understanding that urgency of finishing items should be my focus!


I learned to use "to do " lists better in preparing for class


I never thought about categorizing my to do list. I think this can be useful when looking at how I can rank my list and complete the most important tasks first according to the category.


I have been doing a "to do" list for a while but I need to work on rewriting it at regular intervals as well as picking one day per week to rewrite the list. From this module, it was great to see there will be different obstacles so we must identify that and use good time management in order to prioritize the "to do" lists from most to least importance. 


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