Eric Jefferson

Eric Jefferson

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Different angles of teaching how to become successful.

Finding different formats of test and choosing the one that will work best for you and your students.

Getting to know the best way the students can learn and still remain focus then putting it all together at one that way we can keep everybody's attention with a mix of different methods.

Different methods of questioning helps students to stay engaged with the subject.

Combining learning styles makes it easier for teaching the whole class and getting everybody's attention.

Finding ways to keep your students motivated is very important. Also make sure it doesn't become too long winded by adding a little humor in between so students don't become bored and not interested.

Coming up with plans to reach out to the students in an effective instructional way at the same time making it fun will keep students focused and interested in what's next to come.

Building rapport with students is very important and will keep them interested in learning more and more.

I’ve learn that getting to know the background of students make its easier to pinpoint the importance of learning between each other.

A good delivery is very important towards your students. You want to be able to make it enjoyable at the same time critical. 

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