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I learned how to use my time more wisely. I can see where I need to prioritize things more eff efficiently. 

Make a list and stick to it.

I have learned how procrastination, and immediacy are both a problem and how to manage both.


I learned that everything does not have to be done today.  Make a to do list and prioritize the list based on importance.  Trying to do too much at one time can lead to errors and mistakes.  Do what is best for you not for what it appears to others.


I am a big fan of using To Do lists.  It really keeps me on track.  This module gave me some good ideas about how to indicate priority tasks on my list that I will incorporate into my lists going forward.

I love the very first reminder that others are not in control of our time.  I am in control of my own time.

This module heped me understanding the importance of taking control of my time and ways to improve my daily activities through prioritizing the tasks of my to do lists.

Learning to take time for yourself from a busy life can help increase your productivity level.

Having a numbering system to indicate urgency on tasks. 

Time is valuable try to prioritize the most important things first.


I have always done well making "to-do" lists, however, I never realized the importance of prioritizing those tasks or breaking them into smaller more managable tasks.

I've learned that I need to look at how I manage my daily schedule and how to maximize my time more efficiently 

I had never thought about immediacy being almost as detrimental as procrastination.


Immediacy and time management require a balance to be effective.  To do lists can help relieve anxiety about the tasks that need to be completed.  Prioitizing tasks also helps you complete the most important tasks first.

In this module I learned the importance of a To Do List. It can help keep focus nad time management.


This module showed me the importance of task priority. 

I am glad they included a section on stress management in this course.  I do feel that teaching is a wonderful occupation and I truly enjoy it but it does come with additional stress due to having to manage all the students and responsibilities issued from management.  I find that lists have been a way of life for me.  I keep a list on my phone of things to do.  Instead of highlighting them and assigning them a priority, I give them a due date of when I need them finished or when I will start working on them.  It provides a good time frame for me to work on them and I won't miss a due date.  I like to achieve things as soon as I can, but sometimes that is impossible, and like this course already identified, it doesn't help to complete all tasks right away.  It leaves you feeling burnout and overwhelmed.  


I have learned that the key to reducing stress is to recognize that you are in control of your time and then to create a to-do list based on priority and break larger tasks into smaller more manageable tasks.


Breaking down tasks into smaller chunks makes it easier to accomplish.

This was my biggest take away: If you find yourself getting tired, it is important to understand that it may be time to stop. Procrastination and immediacy can both affect good time management. Instructors must try to find a healthy balance between the two in order to overcome these obstacles. 

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