Roy Wesley

Roy Wesley

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It is good not to loose your temper in stressfull times.  It shows emotional intelligence.


Teaching Student how to use problems soving steps will help the student Crital thinking in the long run.


Reflective thinking may best be in the form or giving a survey for your class.



Preparing Critical thinkers better prepares students for the real world rather then standardize test.


Crital Thinking is a life long skill you should teacher your students to help them make good informed decisiions.  This should be included in your curriculum some how.

Learned the difference between IQ & EQ  and how managiing emotions of self and others in classroom can be a great asset for instruction


Helping those around you with technics to improve time & Stress Management will help. you ease your stress.


I have learned that having to many hats to where can stress and does stress me out and make me less effiecient.  I need to cut down on a few things by first ID the things that stress me out and try to eliminate some of those things. 


Thiis module helps you manage time by suggesting that you use a single time a day to perform clerical things like check email and voicemail.


I Learned that a good way to manage time is to make to do list and prioritize the list.  Also don't procrastinate. Get things done on time. Be on time or even be early


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