Amanda Armistead

Amanda Armistead

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Implementing soft skills can be an overlooked skillset for most instructors caught up in their to-do list.

Teaching students to ask questions and think outside the box needs to be implemented in every course. Critical thinking cannot be learned only in one course.

I have learned to work on the most important tasks first, after I've created a to-do list. This method helps me to feel less overwhelmed and feel accomplished.

Conducting an online course has it's challenges, but with quick recognition of any conflicts, a method of regressing such issues can be implemented with appropriate documentation and measures to contain ongoing conflict in obtaining quicker resolutions.

The distinction between asynchronized and synchronized communication was helpful. Short, sweet, and to the point would be my online style; nevertheless a sentence or two of small talk to start and end does establish more of a caring nature and not just business.

An open biography from instructor to student following a student biography to instructor is a great way to initiate personal relationships, building the trust it requires to move forward in conducting a successful course.

Not all instructors will use the same tecniques.

Be observant in how you deliver the content to students by demonstration. Practices before learning sessions can increase the numerity and likelihood of overall retention.

The content signifies the importance of individual student identification for setting the initial tone for the classroom as well as securing the students for completing the course and entering a worthwhile career.


Most important takeaway from the course is that instructors need to be fully prepared with a thorough outlined syllabus in addition to all visual aids attributing to efficient student learning and rapport.

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