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Alex Colefield

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Comment on Ashley Kyler's post: Its important as a teacher to be connected to the career programs. 

Comment on Donna Duncan's post: Its also important for them to know their boundaries as well however. 

Comment on Christy Streeter's post: Building community is key in the modern world. 

Comment on Jennifer Castillo's post: When do you take the time to interview?

Learning activities can really engage student thinking. 

I personally believe that sleep is the best medicine for stress, getting a restful night is key. 

If you can manage a work life balance you will have success. 

Comment on Jungsun Franza's post: I was interesting to learn that it was that high. 

Comment on Shane Apperley's post: What kind of limits do you make? 

Mnemonics can be helpful, but sometimes they are a barrier to students deeper learning. For example I have had issues making students see past PEMDAS in algebra. 

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