Kelsey Scobee

Kelsey Scobee

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I have learned that I will be able to incorporate a flipped classroom method. I am excited to implement this into my classroom.

I found it interesting on how to incorporate a flipped classroom with the use of technology. Being able to incorporate strategies is beneficial in determining which concepts can be introduced and how exactly to utilize the flipped classroom method.

I feel like I learned potential barriers that students or other faculty may encounter. I will be able to anticipate the hesitation to overcome a way that makes a flipped classroom possible. I will be able to utilize the benefits of the flipped classroom into my class to promote active learning and student engagement. 

I've learned that it is acceptable to provide educational resources, but still expect the students to educate and show competency of learning in class. I will incorporate this model by allowing students to come prepared and have them role play and provide opportunities in which the students can demonstrate/teach their peers on certain concepts.

I learned a lot about how to incorporate gaming into my theory classes. I will begin by determining what material and content I can utilize as a gaming aspect. This was very helpful.

By understanding the adult learners previous comprehension of material it best allows the educator to facilitate an active learning process for the student. The educator must allow for a comfortable active learning environment to be successful within their program or course. 

There are different learning styles for each adult learner. There needs to be avaliability for all students to learn which will be incorporated by utilizing the various techniques to create a positive teaching style so students can develop the skills and education required.

I will allow students to incorporate the best method that facilitates an active learning style to ensure that they are truly learning. I realize that some students will learn differently than others, and need to accommodate for that. Knowing this will allow for the adult learning to be successful through utilizing the tools that I would provide to them in addition to their educational process.

I have learned previously the stages that each age group and how it relates to their abilities, but really dissecting the way that the adult learner is impacted by these life stages their in and how it truly affects them is fascinating. I will apply it by ensuring that each life stage is being considered throughout the learning process because twenty year olds learn differently than a fifty year old. These things will definitely need to be identified early on in order to allow the student to be successful.

I've learned that adult learners have significant barriers or obstacles that they may encounter in their learning process. As an educator I need to be aware of these obstacles to assist the adult learner to be successful in their course.

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