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Putting the stressors in writing or quantifying them is one way of reducing stress

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disorganization can be an obstacle to success but so can obsessive compulsive behavior.


you have got to put your list of things to do on paper so to speak. Then you can prioritize. 


Definetely spend a lot of cpncentration in the area to have a trainer dedicated to the institution for just this purpose and not someone in IT who already has a job and cannot attend to a full time job training assignment to everone and being available for one on one consultation.

This has open up my eyes to so many new adventures that i can carry into the classroom. This is a win win for both me and my students. 

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I agree you must have a back up plan, when you're ready to start the lecture and you loose all of your A/V electronic communcation it quite inconvient to both the instructor and students because of the time spent shifting gears and grabbing text books and notes.

Yes there will be more work with having to divide on line w/ brick and mortar at first but I feel it may make teaching easier with students that lear better on line.

I had the opportunity to use CANVAS LMS. It was a little cumbersome integrating all of the facets but eventully they all came together. It's a great vehicle that will take me from the stone age to the space age and a whole new way of communicating knowledge to my students.

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