Patricia Weaver

Patricia Weaver

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I can set a daily time to check my emails instead of responding every time I have an alert. That will help me prioritize and focus on more important tasks, which will decrease my stress.


I think the point that resonated with me the most is that I am in control of my time. It sounds simple, but sometimes there are so many things that need to be accomplished I feel overwhelmed and like I've failed if I don't accomplish everything. List-making also helps. I need to incorporate making a daily list and weekly list into my routine.


Clear communication and reinforcement are essential for students to successfully achieve the course outcomes and goals. I have found many students need reinforcement of instructions even in a synchronous environment because they often have difficulty managing distractions.

I've learned the importance of obtaining feedback from the students to evaluate the effectiveness of the technology tools in the course. I also really like the idea of blogs.

I think my biggest challenge right now is figuring out how to incorporate video clips and more active learning strategies into the online course. I'm so used to being able to lecture and interact with my students onsite. This will challenge my creativity, but I'm up for the challenge! I appreciate any words of wisdom from instructors who are familiar with the online format.

As an instructor to whom the online teaching environment is unfamiliar, I plan to incorporate the information from this educational offering to create course material that includes video clips and provides timely feedback and regular interaction with my students.

Projecting your presence is important to online students, as it gives them a better sense of the instructor's qualifications and to see them as a person. The instructor-student connection is important to their investment in the class and to participation.

I understand the importance of being able to navigate through the CMS and be available to insure my students are successful. I'm a little intimidated, having never taught online; yet, I'm excited to rise to the challenge and make it engaging for my students.


This reinforces the importance of using tools such as Kahoot quizzes, Picmonics, etc. as a review at the beginning of class. 

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