Loice Collins

Loice Collins

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Stress management needs to be practiced by both students and instructors, It is ok tospeak about your stressors especially to those who could give you solutions. As instructors we can also try and help our students with the stresses that thye could be going through.


Stress can be both internal and external. Not having a balanced lifestyle can affect how you are as an instructor. Also having an environment that is not equiped toteach thelessons you have prepared can also be an issue especially for nursing courses.


Emails do not have to be answered as soon as we open our computers. This can derail the instructor from the tasks she was already completing. This reminds me of immediacy.


I have lesrned that procrastination is not a good habit, but also immediacy can cause stress.So it is best to prioritize your tasks.


without emotional intelligence, w emay no be able to feel loved or give love. This could lead tomental stress and anxiety, an dineffective relationships at the work place. 


There shoukd be a bakance between soft and hard skills. Most people do not realize that lack of hard skills coud be the reason why most relationships at the job are not good.


There are apps that can help students who have disabilities to progress well with their learning.


After secondary education, those with learning disabilities need to advocate for themselves, not just for education urposes but also during job applications.


There are so many typesof learnig disabilities that I was not aware of. It is important to encourage students with these disabilities to be honest about them so that thye can get te accomodation that will help them perform well.


The importance of keeping the grade book current. How we can give an additional exam to help with poor test scores.


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