Elizabeth Rodriguez

Elizabeth Rodriguez

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Look on potentials not weaknesses, help students overcome their weaknesses. 

 Social Media groups , You tube videos, Teacher tube.com are just few of the platforms we used in our remote learning. Now we are back in-person learning and we continue to incorporate different platforms  we learned during remote learning / teaching to create more engaging learning  environment. 

 It is so amazing during Covid  and  we suddenly taught remotely. I learned a lot of different apps and platforms integrated in our remote teaching and learning like Zoom, Slideshare, Blogs, Game and Quiz generator, Google docs sharing, Mobile attendance, Swift River to mimic hands -on learning etc. I found out that there are  a lot of ways to teach students and it is more engaging. 

Students can learn theory from different sources, but applications, skills or hands-on skills are  very important in Nursing. During Covid we became creative in showing videos of skills, Swift River scenarios but we found out that students still lagging on hands on and  had difficulty applying theory learned from watching videos of the procedures.  Performing the skills multiple times is more effective in gaining mastery of specific procedure. 

Finding strategies to reduce, eliminate stress- sharing, exercise, breathing exercises, stretching and getting enough sleep.


What stresses me out is juggling repsonsibilities, aside from great responsibilities I have great responsiblity also at home to take care of others. Commute , traffic and getting on time stresses me a lot if I am assigned to distant clinical sites.


Online  platforms can help us save tremendous time in manging our class. Our school use Blackboard to oragnize lessons. quizzes, assignments and Reminf ro impootant announcements. It helps also the Powerpoint, pre-made lesson plans rather than reinventing the wheel. 


I learned creating to do list, organized according to task urgency ( highlighted and assigned ) and avoid doing it in the last minute. 


It is so hard to memorize the ABG gases per my students, I think using pizza activity will be great to apply. Macarena and dancing will be fun and informative.


I like the idea of white t-shirts and drawing anatomy . It encourages creativeness and critical thinking.


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