Cozetta Hossain Carter

Cozetta Hossain Carter

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Teaching to learners in a classroom is an important performance. It is a symptomatic exchange of educational information.  This information should be a life-long enriching experience.

I talked to one of my colleges today about observing a class where they combine two different levels of learners to enhance the course learning outcome.

I agree with this lesson about positive feelings, self esteem, and having a sense of being needed. Those are  great elements for learning.

I will discuss benefits of deep breathing for stress reduction to my office co-worker.

Today's life style is stress producing. The fast pace and many things that must be done in a short time can be a stress factor.

I know setting limits for yourself is important just as important prioritizing, and time management.

Wow being an educator is a calling truly.

Discussion Comment

The more diversified the instructors are the better for the learners with disabilities.

This course was enlightening. There are more disorders listed now that can effect ones learning outcome and/or entire life.

Those learners with disabilities should not to feel discriminated against. That decrease the learning process and the self esteem of the learner. 

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