Humphrey Minx

Humphrey Minx

Location: medical careers institute, newport news, va

About me

I am an Anatomy & Physiology instructor at ECPI University, Medical Careers Institute. I worked as an Associate Instructor & Adjunct instructor at Tidewater Community College, Thomas Nelson Community College and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I served as an Aerospace Physiologist in the US. Navy where I taught classes in human performance, life support systems and survival procedures.




certified aerospace physiologist; certified higher education professional


I like the Jigsaw cooperative project concept. Having group work on separate sections of a presentation and then combining the sections to form one presentation would demonstrate the value of small group and large group cooperation


Mystery week term exercise is very similar to the trivia games played at sports bars where participants score more points when they answer the question with the fewest clues. If the software is available the program, individuals could vie for the highest score (like the sports bar, minus the beer!) but groups could also try for top score.

I like the Secret Identity and the Term & definition exercises, especially as an “ice breaker” at the beginning if the course. This will also allow students from different groups to interact throughout the course. 

I Comment on Kelly Penn's post: Could you try the “Throwing ball” in a discussion board? The ball could be a “call out” to another student

I already assign students into groups for the course group project but I don't have them sit as groups during lecture. I will have the next class sit in their groups for lecture and present answers as a group. 

I have "chunked" learning objects to make is easier for students to follow along and give the students a feeling of accomplishment in completing several smaller objects vs. trying to complete a larger object. 


I start new classes with a review of the syllabus (grading, due dates, calendar), tips on time management and study habits. One item I will add is how to contact IT. Most students go directly to IT when there is a "problem" with the programs but many times IT can actually fix the problem online, which saves the online student a trip to the campus. 


I will try to add a video intro to each module and assignment. Video will show me explaining the lesson outcome, this may help the students understand the reason for the assignment 


I teach anatomy. I will search for a video tour of a coroner lab or an autopsy to demonstrate how the information can be used


This is an excellent module; I have heard of FERPA but did not know the specifics.


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