Cassandre Milien

Cassandre Milien

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Reducing my stress level will help me become more productive and relaxed. It will also help inspire the people around me to start working toward better time management in their own lives.


I do have stressors from both my personal life and work life. After reading this module, I realized that time I was really stressed was the beginning and end of a semester.

Instead of using a different entity to make test questions, I can use the learning management system that the university uses to make the questions there. I will always have access to it if needed in the future. I will have more time by streamlining course preparation and grading. 

In this module, I have learned the importance of setting limits on completing tasks that are of low importance. I also learned that I really need to prioritize those that are of high importance. It is important to check that I don't over-emphasizing the importance of the easier tasks when making my to do list.


It is very interesting to realize the things that motivates you as a person. Understanding these concepts will better help me as an instructor to help motivate my students. Most of my students I do have to encourage them by providing a reward but it is important that it leads naturally to an instrinsic factor.

I did not realize the influence of security and autonomy was an issue. At first when I saw the word security, I was thinking the safety of the classroom. Upon completing the course, I realized that it was the student belief about ability to perform task. Also, I realized the importance of students input not only in assignments or activities in the course but also student's input in evaluations.


This course should be taking by all clinical instructors. 

There was so many great ideas that I would love to implement. These teaching tools will definitely have my students thinking outside of the box.

Now, I can try to exercise my creativity by thinking and planning with my content to teach my students.  

I love the fact that we can use practical items to teach our students. Forexample, drawing the circulation of the heart on bed sheet. Then, have the students walk on it to show the circulation of the heart. I am learning so much practical things from this course.


This course has taught me different ways to improve teaching practices and skills in the clinical setting. I love the clinical flash card idea. These cards offer quick critical-thinking scenarios that the instructor can present to a student in a clinical area/job location when the day is not as active as you would have hoped.  These cards can be kept in the pocket of the instructor and presented to the student between times of doing work-related tasks

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