Cassandre Milien

Cassandre Milien

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Demonstrating empathy towards others' perspectives and experiences, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

it is important to work around these facts: 

The attention span of most individuals is in the 15-18 minute range.
We generally only remember about 25% of what we hear.
We normally only retain 40% of what we read.
We can listen 4 times faster than we can speak.

Motivation for learning depends on three interrelated factors:

Appreciation of the value of the learning experience.
Expectation of success. 
Belief that performance is related to rewards. 

Well-written goals help the students to understand where they are going, and well-written objectives help them to understand the steps they are following to get to the desired end result of having the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in their chosen field.

This module has taught me the significance of demonstrating professional conduct through different means such as attire, speech, punctuality, etc. Moreover, it has emphasized the value of devising a strategy and continually investing in personal growth as an educator or leader in the classroom.

It is important for to have a plan for how I am going to learn new information and techniques that will make me better as an instructor. Participating in professional development workshops. Most importantly, leading by example for my students.

Effective stress management in the workplace is essential for maintaining employee well-being and productivity. With the demands and pressures of modern work environments, employees often face various stressors that can impact their mental and physical health. Implementing strategies to manage workplace stress is crucial for creating a supportive and healthy work environment. This can include promoting work-life balance by offering flexible work arrangements, encouraging regular breaks, and setting realistic deadlines. Additionally, providing resources for stress management such as mindfulness training, relaxation techniques, and access to counseling services can help employees cope with stress more effectively. Open communication channels between employees… >>>

Implement stress management techniques to help employees cope with workplace stress. This could include offering stress management workshops, promoting work-life balance, and encouraging healthy habits. Helping the team manage stress by promoting work-life balance, encouraging breaks, and offering support for mental health and well-being is another technique to assist employees to cope with stress. A stressed team is less likely to perform at their peak efficiency.

Reducing my stress level will help me become more productive and relaxed. It will also help inspire the people around me to start working toward better time management in their own lives.


I do have stressors from both my personal life and work life. After reading this module, I realized that time I was really stressed was the beginning and end of a semester.

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