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Obviously learning assessments need to focus on what they are expected to learn and what you have taught. R.c

A better understanding of the different types of test and how they compare and contrast. 


I gained a better understanding of the reasons for selecting the various types of evaluations and tips for constructing questions within each type.

this module covered a lot of information the will hep in developing the appropriate tests for any course I am required to teach. 

After going through this module, I have gained knowledge on how and why using different testing strategy.

Appreciate the "pitfalls" of each type of test.


Makes me think about what type of test to give, and what type of questions to answer.

An understanding of the various types of tests are important if one is to conduct a viable assessment of the students knowledge.

Use different type of test to see your ability to teach and what the students are comprehension 


Have been using a mix of multipe choice, true/false and matching, completion questions on my test which has shown the fruits of this topic and helps me build further content to the students level of understanding.

Using different formats for tests. 

Implementation of a question bank with various question styles is crucial to gauge an accurate assessment of acquired knowledge. Each course should contain assessments with different question types to evaluate learning outcomes.

I learned from this module that there are many options for testing both knowledge and performance. Performance testing must simulate the performance environment and practice as closely as possible, while knowledge testing must be valid and reliable and may be used for diagnostic or summative knowledge testing. I learned a number of points for selecting and constructing valid and reliable test items, and was exposed to negative grading. I will use the information on constructing test questions to improve the tests I create and consider where the use of negative grading may be useful in managing classroom behaviors.


gained a better understanding of the reasons for selecting the various types of evaluations and tips for constructing questions within each type.

There are many types of testing an evaluation, however we mostly utilize standard tests which are helpful for consistency but limit the style of teaching that can occur.

Soft skills are really an important component of education. Once individuals are sent out into the work world and apply for and get jobs they need to be on time, communicate effectively, problem solve, work as a member of a team, look at their values and attitudes as well as their ethics in an effort to succeed in the workplac. This should be an important and ongoing  component of all education all initiatives.

This segment was interesting and informative.  I don’t make my own tests as the program uses standardized tests.  I was interesting to learn what questions actually tested what type of knowledge.

This module described the different forms of tests and how they relate to how the course material is taught and expectations from the students.

Assessments have always helped me with understanding from student perspectives