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Michelle Earixson-Lamothe

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Comment on Brandon Jarrett's post: Absolutely........students. feel much more at ease when they know a teacher acknowledges they too are not perfect.!!

Comment on Robyn Roth's post:

Is it me or does it seem like a lot of professors of nursing don't practice what they preach. It's been my understanding that as professionals we should look the part and act the part. But yet I see professors with false eyelashes, hair down in their face/back, and eating in skills lab and in clinical areas at clinical sites when it clearly states no drinks or food!!! It's all about professionalism......... infection control and doing what we can to protect ourselves, our patients as well as our students!!

To be honest I would rather be over prepped than under prepped it sets us up for failure as our students!!! 

I think it's extremely important to practice what we teach/preach to our students and to stay on top of evidence-based information whether how to put in an NG-tube or why we need to wear gloves in every patient's room regardless of diagnosis. It's really hard for students to take us seriously when we don't keep up to date with the skills and evidence-based practices as well as looking professional from head to toe!!

I think our jobs as the professor is to make the 1st time meeting the most comfortable but yet make sure to get the point across about classroom respect, and rules along with what our educational journey! I know my students always thank me for doing this and I am proud to say it has worked for me for many many years!!

Agree..I find talking long walks.... working in my yard.....getting in those cat naps and watching scary movies helps my mind and body take a break so I give 100% when with my students!!

I stop whatever we are doing and ask the student to share whatever it is that has them off topic!! 

I agree with you 100% if you do not let them know the first meeting then you are setting yourself up and students for an unnecessary rocky road!!

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