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It is essential that students feel comfortable in the class, know that their instructor cares about their learning, and that the material presented will be relevant to their professional goals.

I need to go over the basic purpose of the class and the objectives to be covered. I also need to cover the syllabus and expectations during the course. It is important to allow time for the students to ask questions about the course content and assessment practices. 

I would appreciate this as a student, and I would enjoy getting to know the class as an instructor.  I also agree about participating in depth instead of just the night prior, crammed knowledge regurgitated the following morning.  When learning the students, you will learn what they are passionate about and what they can speak in depth about.

The first impression is the last impression. Learn each individual student by their first name, or how they prefer to be called. Give them insight on your professional experience. Create a checklist and come up with an icebreaker.

It's important for the instructor to have the students participate in activities that will allow the students to get to know each other. This also gives the instructor the opportunity to learn about the students.

Knowing the student's name and creating name tents are a great way to remember their names.

It is important to learn and greet every student, and let them know about yourself so they feel comfortable in class 

Introductions helps to build a team in the classroom environment.

This module gives a good information to help an instructor to lead well the class in the first day of the semester.  It is given a clear picture about the first day teaching scenarios. In the first module of my class, I always publish an introduction discussion that is used to interact students with others and with me too.  

Share something about you.

Helping students understand the learning journey is important on making them feel comfortable with your class.

I really liked the index cards idea where you are able to connect with each student.  I have seen in the past how students appreciate when a teacher relates what they are teaching to real-world experience. 

I'm going to be sure to start each lesson with enthusiasm, getting to know students, provide complete course objectives and end with a recap and getting students prepared and excited for the next lesson.

Teachers have an important role in creating a sense of familiarization with the student to create a better learning environment

Getting to know your students and establishing rapport can help to facilitate a more comfortable learning enviroment.

The 3 "M"s, Modeling, managing & motivation!

Comment on Justin Markle's post: I agree, that is one part I didn't know from before. It would make them feel like they know you somehow.

It is important to develop a rapport with the students to know their name and have them connect with other classmates.  That sense of community will help them be successful in the course.

I learned the value of continuing to reassure the students this is just one step in them reaching their ultimate goal. Reassurance that they can be successful in the course which will then lead to them reaching their ultimate goal.  

I learned various strategies to help recall student names. I found the picture method to be especially useful as I generally remember faces and not names.

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