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James Wilson

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It is important to understand that though delegation is an excellent technique, it needs to be done properly to be effective. Ineffective delegation can actually create further issues among staff.

Resolution of student conflict must be conducted in a fair and professional manner. Adhering to the guidelines will ensure a more equitable student experience.

Consider varied teaching delivery to ensure the majority of students are reached, and provide engaging discussion boards that are varied to maximize participation and momentum.

Our backgrounds as professionals bring confidence to the class, but engaging with students and gaining insight of your students and their particulars will inform greater success. 

Orientation before the course begins can be eminently useful. Students will generally be more comfortable and can ensure a minimum of technical difficulties from the student's end.

Practicing demonstrations so you are better prepared prior to class, engaging the class with an opening that enables you to gage the mood of the room, and varying teaching delivery all contribute to a more effective classroom experience.

Engaging with students at the beginning of class enables you to learn more about your students, and thus be better equipped to meet their specific learning needs.

Having a checklist to keep you on track throughout your lesson is essential. It helps the instructor maintain focus and stay within the confines of the lesson plan. Additionally, actions that help the instructor to focus such as greeting students and speaking on previous in-class activities.

There is a holistic approach to teaching that requires proficiency in several areas: the ability to motivate students without becoming too familiar, take charge and lead the class by competency and having presence, and maintain focus within the classroom through motivation and discipline as required.

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