Susan Soderberg

Susan Soderberg

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It is beneficial to review the site following the experience to ensure that it is a valuable learning experience for others. 

Career development and advancement is key to integrating what is learned in the classroom and put in the practical setting.

Confidentiality is always critical when working with students and in consideration to FERPA.

FERPA can impact students if faculty make the choice to be non-compliant. Importance to keep in the lane of being a faculty member.

Ensure you know the importance of policy and procedures within the context of student documentation.

Ensuring that feedback is presented and put in place to create success.

The silent student is one to always keep in mind and think about engagement. 

I believe post-covid and with an increase in technology, the students are harder to engage. Good ideas to increase engagement. 

syllabus preparation is provides the best first impression for student success

I will never underestimate the power of being a motivator in the classroom and with my students and colleagues as well.

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