Jacob Maldonado

Jacob Maldonado

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HIPAA and the soloman act were interesting to learn about. This information can be used to assist with the knowledge and steps that need to be taken if information about students should be released. 

The importance of protecting personal information of students. To implement this, any student information should not be left out where it can be viewed or accessed by other individuals. 

I learned more about the differences of directory information and education information and how they may be released. This can be applied by making sure to respect the confidentiality of students in the respective categories. 

Outlined what the purpose of FERPA is and what is included in the students educational file. This will be useful to know how to apply these principles in management student confidentiality properly. 

It is important to maintain a safe and focused learning environment and to handle different types of students with care to minimize distractions from learning. 

Both synchronous and asynchronous teaching can be beneficial for allowing students to be expressive 

Connecting with students is important to building a good rapport and allowing students to succeed. 

It is important to be familiar with the content and the program that will be used to deliver content so that instructors may help with the ease of an online class. 

Varying teaching styles and practicing lectures and demonstrations before class will help to connect to students more effectively. 

It is key to engage with students so that they feel comfortable and more willing to participate in class  

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