Gabriella Zuazo

Gabriella Zuazo

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Each student has various learning styles and it is important to use these different styles. Preparing strategies used to teach will greatly help you and your students. 

Students need a sense of comfort that they will be able to reach their goals and attain a certain license/certificate. It is important to make a good first impression on students so they are confident that you can help them achieve their goals. As well as letting them know you are human and creating a connection with the students, such as remembering their names. 

Early and careful planning will help my instructing efforts to effectively teach and stay organized. 

Communication with students is important to know become aware of the type of learner they are. As an instructor, resolving different conflicts is necessary for each student. 

Feedback is important and should be done in a timely manner. It should also include positivity and encouragement.  

I took away from this module, the importance of student-instructor relationship. Sharing biography of yourself and students can help achieve a good quality relationship. 

I took away from this module the importance of communication through different forms. 

Apply Model, Manage, and Motivate! This module highlighted the importance of professionalism and being a good example for the students. 

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