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Selecting Instructional Delivery Methods | Origin: ED105

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Instructional Planning for Student Success --> Selecting Instructional Delivery Methods

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revising my powerpoints with the 10-20-30 rule

Effective presentations are reflective in the instructor's use of varied mediums. Learning is transferable!

10-20-30! Use a variety of mediums to effectively reach all my learners.


Using teaching methods that use more than one of the their senses so they retain more of the information.

I learned to use teaching methods were the students use their senses and to use the 10-20-30 rule for my presentations.

Teaching methods should be to the point of what your are trying to teach, for example to much information in one slide if a pp presentation is used will be forgotten since is alot of information to process in your head and you will loose concentration. Rule 10-20-30 comes handy.

One of my primary responsibilities is to help teach our students well enough that they pass three industry certification examinations. This module speaks to the importance of good "soft skills". While having the ability to pass exams and perform your job is obviously important, it may be equally or more important to have well developed soft skills. You are better able to serve your employer, or your customers with good soft skills.  

This module also taught about "Hands-On" retention levels and the 10-20-30 rule of powerpoint presentations of which I'll be making a few changes.



I learned a lot of new information about power points. I will be revising my power points and changing a few things. 

the 10-20-30 rule for power points will help me as  I begin to revise our course work using a new book 

Thanks for sharing that traditional methods of teaching tools such as posters and flip boards are still just as effective to use as the modern media.  As a student who learned in an era with traditional teaching tools, I too still enjoy implementing these in my class instruction.

Soft skills are critical in the classroom environment both for instructor and student. Also using various methods to get the idea across is great thing to do.

If we could use all five of our senses is the best way to learn. Once you have witnessed and smelt a over charged battery you will never forget.

Slides serve as markers for transitions. They are best if the points are well-organized and colors easy on the eyes. 

I agree with everything in the previous posts. I followed up on a web site mentioned in this instructional session under the Power Point presentation. The site www.actionden/pp did not provide any developmental ideas as stated. This reference may need to be removed.

Kathleen O'Neil-Meyers

There is more to powerpoints than just filling up a slide.

I have learned about the different mediums that you could use when teaching, and how to best used them. 

I use powerpoints, youtube videos, animations to make the class interactive.

I think the 10/20/30 wil be helpful for power point. I also want to give my students more time to take notes from the Power point slides when I am lecturing to pause too.


Giving 3-5 points on each PowerPoint slide helps the students focus on the topics easier than adding numerous points per slide. 

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