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I think that I have made my slides too "cute" instead of focusing on content. 

Varying medium for showing instruction (not always PP slides)

Comment on Erica Gomez's post: What kind of information did you learn about formatting powerpoints? 

Traditional methods are always key.

To explore more media to use to relay information to students.

One should match different delivery methods depending on content and/or goals for the instruction.  Furthermore, there are basic guidelines to increase the effectiveness of various delivery methods that one should know,

In this module I learned tips on creating more effective Power Point slides, such as limiting the information to 3-5 points per slide.

Use the 10-20-30 rule on Powerpoints 

I enjoyed the refresher on PowerPoint. I don't often use PowerPoint presentations, but I will, in the future, incorporate more lectures into my upcoming classes. I also took away the reminder to keep your presentations and lectures fun. It is hard for students and adults to sit and listen to a person talk; keeping the visuals interactive you maintain their attention.


I learned a few different teaching methods and will be using the 10-20-30 when preparing my power point presentations to use a variety of mediums to effectively reach all my learners.

the 10,20,30 rule

the 10/20/30 rule for PowerPoint presentations is very helpful to keep in mind

I think using the 1- 20 30 ppt rule will be helpful

Soft or career skills need to be incorporated in the course . When developing power points follow the rule of 10/20/30 !

Changing my methods on Powerpoint is very important.

I learned the 10-20-30 Power Point rule as well as only presenting 3-5 main points per slide.

Utilizing the PowerPoint Guidelines was informative however, definitely be implementing the 10/20/30 PowerPoint Rule.

I realize I haven't been engaging more of the senses to help the students retain the content.

I learned that there is a 10/20/30 rule with powerpoints. I learned that you can still use older methods of instruction as well. 

Keeping PowerPoints clean and to the point is helpful to the students.

This section covered different forms of presentations and advise on using each one. I will be taking the 10/20/30 rule when creating powerpoints' moving forward. Its is also important to keep the slides uniform, until you are ready to switch to a different topic.

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