Consuelo (Connie) Gill

Consuelo (Connie) Gill

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Learning to become an instructor that cares for the students and their success.

I've learned that "listening" is always the best tool to handle any angry, or challenging students.

I've learned to engage every student, especially the quiet ones, and make certain to make the class learning relevant to their career goals.

I've learned that assignment due dates are very important for students to be well aware of, in syllabus, on board, and verbal reminders

We must act with empathy, timeliness and consistency with our students in order to achieve a compliance culture.

I've learned it is important to be as transparent and factual with the students, so as to cultivate the culture of compliance in the school and on behalf of all students education.

I've learned that accurately and factually representing any and all information to the students will avoid any misrepresentation.

I've learned to state the facts, in order to represent well.  Instead of using superlatives, that are not actual accurate representations.

I've learned that fully disclosing all career information and allowing students ample time to ask all needed questions is the important to representing any school accurately.

I am glad there is a group callled the Triad of Regulations to oversee the educational and placement outcomes of students in schools.

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