Ryan  Kono

Ryan Kono

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It is important from to learn from your mistaks. For a first time instructor introduce yourself as a subject matter expert.

I learned about managing and monitoring students, the silent, the angry, cheater, etc

I have learned how to manage different types of students in the class room, and that each type of student can help facilitate class learning if addressed appropriately. 

To have open communication between your students. Using different color paper, fonts to highligh import parts of the syllabus. 

Grading strategies and being prompt on scoring assignsment, quizes, and exams. Maintaing proper grading, while keeping is safe and private. 

Assessing your students and changing pace as needed.

I have learned about the different mediums that you could use when teaching, and how to best used them. 

Looking at yourself in the mirror, am I a reflection of what I want my students what to see. Being organized and prepared prior to demonstrate that you care to your students and interested in their success. Field trips to show them their profession and getting them to engage during the trip. Bringing in speakers and preparing speaker for topics in your class, to bring real life experience into the classroom. Taking the time to pause in class to see if the students are engages, and make changes as needed. 

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