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Nichole Basmajian

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Students will still have to put in the work to succeed; but with adaptive technology, they will be able to focus on the right task.

It is important for Chef Instructors to stay current and relevant in the industry. We should be discussing a multitude of culinary career paths available while intermingling good cooking and good business. Enforce professionalism and talk to students about not just taking a job for the title, but for experience. Foster the relationship with career services.

Chef Instructors set the standard! We are the example and it is imperative we are pushing students to achieve and exceed expectations. Coming to class prepared with a production list and recipes re-written on index cards, is a regular practice in my kitchen.

Being a well-rounded Chef is of the utmost importance. Educators should cross utilize material to enhance the education for their students. Staying connected to a culinary career path leads to inspiration and more relevant educational outcomes.

The learning styles between generations are quite distinct and require attention. It is unfortunate that food media blurs the distinction between a job description and what it means to be a Chef.

Since e-learning courses tend to be self-directed, it is important to maintain the learner's motivation. Some interactive features in e-learning courses can help students engage their learning. Interactivity can include animations, simulations and drag-and-drop quiz activities.

Learning style describes the unique ways that individuals move through the learning cycle based on their preference for the four different learning modes—concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation.

In cooperative learning, small groups work together toward a common goal. The structure, interactive processes and accountability help the students become committed to learning, develop a shared vision, and become open-minded. Students are encouraged to ask questions and to "think outside the box," thereby influencing the degree to which higher learning occurs.

In order for a classroom environment to support active, constructivist learning, it should provide authentic, real-world, motivating, open learning environments.

While innovative learning strategies can improve the learning experience from the standpoint of the learner, these strategies pose challenges to the instructor.

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