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Frankie Sisneroz

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I am a new instructor and I will be teaching to a broad range of students whoes ages can range from 18-80 years old. The learning styles are going to be varied for sure. Since I have to teach to Marine Industry Standards for thier career requirments and Industry Certification. I feel optimistic in having the Standards as the foundation for the course content. I am a little anxious about presenting to the class however, I am sure those feelings will go away as I prepare myself by reading the text and Standards throughly and using Blooms' Taxonomy to create… >>>

I like the Formative approach in evaluating a students progress. It allows us to see how the class as a whole is learning the course and if adjusments are necessary we may be able to change direction. 

Flexibility seems to work for me.

  1. Adjust lecture based on visual feedback of students
  2. Have a Plan B, Plan C and Plan D
  3. Surveys mid-term or sooner, depends on the difficulty and makeup of the of the students
  4. Pre-tests or relaxed discussion engaging students during orientation


One of my primary responsibilities is to help teach our students well enough that they pass three industry certification examinations. This module speaks to the importance of good "soft skills". While having the ability to pass exams and perform your job is obviously important, it may be equally or more important to have well developed soft skills. You are better able to serve your employer, or your customers with good soft skills.  

This module also taught about "Hands-On" retention levels and the 10-20-30 rule of powerpoint presentations of which I'll be making a few changes.



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Interesting question. It appears that safety glasses in this instance are not a suggestion but a requirement. I would ask you if this is a reoccurring problem with the student or a one off situation. If this has occurred more than once,  a warning of a potential credit loss was given,  and you have a policy in-place. Then I would say yes.

It is difficult without knowing all the particulars of your School, the setting and expectations, but the reality is the loss of a credit if far less important then that of eye sight.

Please Ronald, Let me know… >>>

I have learned that I would like to be a hybrid Instructor that shares both the Dead Poet Society and Socratic methods of instruction. I am excited about my position and know that I have a long way to go and so much to learn. I view this as a wonderful opportunity not only for myself but for my students. The Marine Systems industry constantly changes and I would like to be able to share updated industry information to our students. 

 I will focus my preparation on my knowledge and class lectures and will work hard at having printed materials… >>>

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