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Creating PowerPoint slides with 3 - 5 main ideas or key points in bullet statements.

Learning that 3-5 points per slide helps students focus better was something new. I dont want my students to feel that they cannot pick out the "meat" of the subject

High impact presentation can have multimedia resources, but the most important is interaction for students. 

I use Powerpoints slides containing graphics, flow charts, animations, highlights, and font colors, as needed.

Many times I divide one diagram into many pieces and use animations to show every piece in time to explain how a physiological process progresses.

Sometimes I add animated videos, or use the electronic board to draw something.

I tell stories and use analogies to explain complex subjects in ways easy to remember.



I will keep my points down to 3-5 on my slides and use the white board to make sure that any other concept that needs to taught can be done on the white board.

I struggle with putting notes up on the white board. When I first started it was a mess. But I am getting better and more organized at doing it the more and more I do it.

10/20/30  the model to run with 

I learned I need to pay more attention to my whiteboard and the "mess" I can leave on there at times.

Delivery method in power point slide should not be greater than content. 

Making sure that the focus is on the content of the slides and not the slides themselves.

using variety in the slides, text followed by illustrations that way students have a visual interpretation of what you are explaining

Using 3-5 points to convey the message more effectively to my students.

I was curious about the optimal font size for PPTs; the 30 pt font guideline is helpful. 

This module had helped me tremendously because it allowed me to understand the best options and methods in delivering information to students, especially when using visual aids

Utilize different media to change things up  The use of other things other than Powerpoint. If using PPT, put less info on the slides and space things out for a better visual point.

Different models have different ways of presenting material to the students.  Using a pp form will help students learn the material visually and I can pause for discussion if need be.

When Student enter a course they need to move their senses to high alert so that they can take in the required input . As an Instructor , you need to recognize how the different senses are used ,inn the process of learning .

Sight 83% Hearing 11% Smell 3.5% Touch 1 % Taste 1%.

I like that also Education life-long process of acquiring new Knowledge and experiences.

Most of the times i used power point also.

To combat "death by powerpoint" there are some simple guidelines. 10/20/30. slow your pace on the slides...just like public speech. 

To choose the right media content.  Also The 10-20-30 For PowerPoint presentations. As well The importance of having great soft skills

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