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Giving maximum 5 points per slide helps the student not get overwhelmed with information. 

There are a lot of new and innovative mediums as technology and the internet continue to evolve. PP is somewhat of an original but the idea is well founded. Keep it simple; makes it better for the presenter and the receiver.

"To eliminate the tedium, vary the medium."

I now have students make powerpoints and I'm going to make a dos and don't flyer for them to follow when making their own slides. 

The 10-20-30 PPT implementation rule.

Using a variety of visuals helps reach all students, keep them engaged and creating a great learning environment!

I use a lot of YouTube videos to demonstrate welding techniques as this is effective for students to visualize without crowding into one booth 

I like the 10/20/30 rule

I think it's important for an instructor to be able to create their own resources and visuals for classes.  It gives the student a visual/audio/hands-on resource that is directly from the instructor and not just from a textbook.

I learned of the 10-20-30 rule. I also learned it is important to not have more than 3-5 points per slide. 

Probably rewriting my PP presentation to follow some of the guidelines listed here.

Students are adept to retain 60-80% of lecture materials if at least two senses are activated throughout the teaching process.

I learned to use teaching methods were the students use their senses and to use the 10-20-30 rule for my presentations.

I will continue to incorporate pp presentations within my courses and encourage students to use them as well.

Check with your institution to see what their polices are in relation to social media use so you can develop your compliant strategies for the use of social media with your students. You will need to set rules for the use of mobile devices in your classes so they can be used as helpful learning devices and not distractions.

When presenting a lecture and using media it should be short and to the point.  Using the 10/20/30 rule is a good way to stay on tract.  Make sure you make good choices of media, and you feel comfortable with it as a useful tool.

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