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Using different mediums is very helpful to keep the students engaged  with the topic .

Things to do:

1. Keep the whiteboard clean at the end of class!
2. follow the 10/20/30 Rule
3. Cell phones and be used as a tool to access learning resources


Powerpoints can make the subject come alive


The 10/20/30 for making a power point is great.


Social media has emerged as one of the primary communication formats of instruction. Students have access to many different forms of social media via mobile devices of all kinds. As a result you are able to keep in contact with your students in many different ways. I also excellent for refences about a particular topic covered in the lecture. 

The 10, 20, 30 rule


As an instucotr for HVAC, I can see that I need to work on getting more models and cut-outs for more effective learning by the students.


The way you deliver the content will help the student learn it and retain it better.

I learned that there are many delivery methods and i have to formulate a style that fits my abilities best. 


Will use the 10-20-30 powerpoint rule.


organize and colors help stimulate the eyes and brain.


Planning your daily classes is exremely important. Using a variety of methods to present informaiton is crucial and providing visuals as well as hand-on methods are a great way to help students retrain important information. In additon I traditionall follow-up with hand outs or cheat sheets that take the informaiton in the objectives and condence it into small brain-size material that can be easy to read and retain. 


Visual media can help pull in some learners, after a slide show have a video demonstrating what the major points of the slide show.


i agree power poins, videos are importatant tools in student learning 


Giving at least 3-5 major points on power point helps the student focus rather than having to much info

Choose your delivery media based on your content, personality and student diversity and learining styles. 

10/20/30 rule suggestion


I really liked the 10-20-30 rule with PPs -- Also, I appreciated the coverage of more traditional tools like chalk / white boards and flip charts -- I realized that I have not been giving my students time to read / take notes on PP slides before diving into the content. I need to work on that. 

When using PPT for presentations 3-5 points on each slide to allow students to focus on material presented. Using models can facilitate application of information being taught.

Using media is great with great caution and discretion.

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