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Have you developed or discovered a presentation, paper, report, or any other document that you’ve found useful in your work? Share the file with your peers as they may find it helpful as well. Describe the uploaded file and solicit comments to enhance engagement and learning.

Class syllabus

I have added my class syllabus for a class I plan on teaching.  It has case studies in it, so I used it as a model.

DBA Outline

A DBA outline that I designed 

GMAW Lesson Plan

Attached is a welding lesson plan for Day 1 instruction on the theory of the GMAW process.

Basic Electricity

A basic understanding of what electrons are and how they flow. How electricity is moved through conductors,and semi conductors. explaining the difference between conductors, semi-conductors and insulators. Using OHM's law to figure Voltage, Amperage, and Resistance. How to calculate using ohm's law. Finally, safety precautions when working with electricity.

Really interesting

Hi all,


this was a very interesting course. I am gald to see that I already applied some of the principles explained in my lesson planning, see example attached. However, I can now refine my lesson plans further and and a Rationale. Also, I'll embrace student activities more and embed at least one practical component in my classes. I often find that my student's attention drops in the secong half of the class. Therefore, I'll incorporate an activity 1.5-2h into the class to shake things up.


A very useful course, thanks!


Jan Muths

Adaptive Learning

I never thought that technology and adaptive learning can go hand-and-hand. Students today are so much more technical savvy and require their higher learning institutions to provide technical resources that are interactive.