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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

story telling is great

I love telling stories to my students, it increases their attention and interest in the subject. 

The reality of things

Remembering, Understanding, and Applying should be valued at 20% each, to hold the majority of the grade. These basic concepts are essential for all students and future employees to know. But whiles these 3 are the majority, it does not mean it is more important or that we should not incorporate analyzing, evaluating and creating. These last three require greater in-depth skill and understanding. Not all students or employees are capable to completely grasp or have the desire to hone this higher form of learning. While this would be great for all students and employees to do, and I would… >>>

Bloom's Taxonomy

I learned that activities aligned with Bloom's taxonomy help learners develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills and deepen the understanding and application of knowledge. I plan to ensure that my lesson activities represent the various levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.


Sticking with Blooms Taxonomy structure helps to stay focused on the entire teaching process. It will keep you guided on your course objectives and help facilitate overall student learning.

Best practices

I think that nurse educators should adapt to students' culture and who the students are. 



This is a nice course. The content is very helpful

This is very important to create a mental image of wat you want to project on your screen. Learners need to see how the knowledge and skills that they 've developed can be used indifferent settings

Interactive Ideas

I enjoyed learning about the interactive activities.  I especially liked the Fish bowl exercise. 

Not enough time

The largest struggle that I deal with, is finding the time to prepare lessons. Without sufficient time to prepare, lessons look incomplete and are not as effective. 

Instructor Wisdom

Learn about each student see there challenge's that they might face. We were there once a while before What did you learn? what would you change ? All in all stress must not be a negative term but use our better side to the positive areas in all of us.


While it is important to share our life experiences with the students, too much information may create a loss of creditability.


One should maintain integrety at all times.

Jigsaws, fishbowls, and learning logs

I have learned some new techniques.  Jigsaws can help students become an expert in a certain task and come back together.  Fishbowls can have some students in a circle in discussion with others outside taking notes.  Learning logs can help students becasue they write down what they learned and any confusion.  This can help the teacher clarify items at the next clastime.

What I have learned

In my courses, we have a large amount of information that students must cover for each course. It is very important that they do so in order to grasp the concepts that they will need to demonstrate competence. With this in mind, I am trying to go from an understanding level to more emphasis on analyzing. So, here goes

Understanding 30%- This is pre class 

                                Student pre tests with cut score of 70% 

                     … >>>


I believe that the levels of Bloom's are all important and that students would "buy in" more if they are all introduced to the students in a way that includes the importance. This could give students motivation to want to achieve the highest level that they can because they will have an understanding and common goal with the educator.

My plan is to have a mini-lesson on Bloom's with my classes and use choice boards that have various activities under each level.

Changes to my aproach.

Changes that I entend to & are currently implementing are.

  • Clearer grading matrix's & ruberics.
  • Reading my students better.
  • Implementing lesson plan from a specific text book very relevemnt & current to the course I am teaching.
  • Using more visuals in the class settings.



Allowing students to take tests if missed

I have found that only pre planned abcences, or proven issues that arose just before the test, should be reasons to allow the test ot be taken after the test deadline, and then, be sure to chage the test for thst student, or students.

Big Plans!

I haven't been teaching for very long, but I've definitely noticed that working on affective performance objectives would be very useful. Everything starts with student attitude and motivation, and if you can't encourage and guide them, it all turns sour. The students that succeed in the field are the ones who go the extra mile, care about what they do, and are dedicated to continuously improving their skill set. It's difficult to watch a student put in the bare-minimum, but you can only want their success as much as they do. However, I've also seen students whose attitudes towards their… >>>

Curtis Blanton Action Plan

Action Plan:

List stressors 

Determine the stressors that can be eliminated.

Determine how to cope with those that cannot be eliminated.



Check email daily.

Learn to use slideeshow software to enhance teaching.


Instructional Planning for student success

Being an educator for the 10+ years it is always good to expend your knowledge. The central idea of the course is that the learning must be student centered. Unfortunately it is not always possible to have desired flexibility to accomodate all different styles of student learning.