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Literacy, even in the trades, is still important. In the school where I work we have the students turn in resumes and together we go through them and make them suitable for applying for a job. We let the students know that if they're resume is not very good via spelling errors and so on, it could effect them being selected or not.

formal and informal methods of assessment bring a broad spectrum of benefits to students and instructors alike. Being able to incorporate both into lesson plans can only magnify the effectiveness of the course

If you have clear concise objectives and rationale, the standards and procedures will be more readily written as you have created a framework for developing

Your lesson pans will help in current and future planning, as well as providing a quick reference back to previous lessons so you're not searching for them in various computer folders


Know your audience. Pre-test is a great tool, either formally or informally taken

It is amazing in this day and age that I can make a video of a demonstration in my drawing class and upload it to a platform like moodle and the student can watch this at 3 am on they're phone and get help. 

I believe the current grading system, extra credit assignments, late policy, makeup assignments, remediation exams, are all fair and effective.

I teach a drawing class and with tech these days it makes it so nice. I can make videos for students to review anytime and get help. Makes life lots easier.

All speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension are greatly important and also to have the students repeat back what they have learned for assessment is all so important.

Make your goals clear up front. Write them on the board. Know your students and how they learn and do the best you can to adjust with each one. Try try again.

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