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Rule 10/20/30 is very applicable in the learning process because it helps the students focus more.

The pointers for PPT presentations gave me effective ideas about how to reduce clutter, reduce number of points/slide and increase font size to enhance student learning.

Use the 10/20/30 rule with powerpoints. Don't use too many (more than 5) points per slide. Use a large enough enough font so that the students can read it easily. Be careful not to just read from the powerpoint

I appreciated the Powerpoint info and advice. I'd like to think that I'm proficient with ppt but it's always good to add knowledge and insight.


Intigrating our senses was a great tool that can be used to improved students retention of content presented.

No more overloading powerpoint slides with everything said on it.

I learned in this section to use a variety of teaching methods.  Don't just get stuck in one method and stay there.  Effective teaching uses uses variety and even embelish on these methods while using them.

If you overload them in a crowed powerpoint you stand the chance of losing or overlooking what you want them to grasp be careful what you use and how you do it

So true!   We really need to do a better job when crafting lessons.  Sequence is important, and so is quantity.  A then B, then C, but be careful about introducing D and E until another lesson.  We run the risk of getting to point D,E and unwittingly erasing A, B, and C from the frontal cortex.   This is especially true for new learners.

The methods to use in instruction vary.  I leared that not jut one method should be used - but, several to get your point across to the students.  One method is not the best choice for all of the students.


 I will revisit my PowerPoint presentations, following the 10-20-30 rule

I need to adjuct my powerpoint lectures to better accomodate student learning.  I do have a lot of print on these slides and I need to reduce the amount.  I like the idea of using flip charts in the classroom as well for student brainstorming.  We could use these during our nursing simulations.


I use power points and after this course will revamp them.

ways to effectively use teaching aids such as blackboards, powerpoint or other visual media as well as soft skills dcevelopment. 

VARY YOUR MEDIUMS. Combining sensory inputs will increase the students ability to retain information. 

I have never been super comfortable with power points.  

This gave me some great suggestions that will help me feel more confident about using Power Points in the class room

Do not be afraid to use multi sources to get your students to understand the information being taught.

my atention goes to practice more e rule 10/20/30, make more efective way of teaching


The 10-20-30 rule stood out to me. I also enjoyed the hands on learning which I think is critical for and trade program to integrate to assure students success.

You can use media in differnt ways to help your students learn more. Using powerpoint can be a great tool to catch students attention and help them stay more focused.

I'm really sold on the 10-20-30 rule for PP. 


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