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One way to learn a new concept is by researching a subject by doing a research project. This will assist with language art skills that can be applied at real world at work. 

A good story can encourage input from otherwise quiet students and start the ball rolling for optimum engagement.

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very well stated Nunez. We have to adapt a combination of various styles to fit the needs of each and every student.

EVERYONE appreciates humorous story


To combat "death by powerpoint" there are some simple guidelines. 10/20/30. slow your pace on the slides...just like public speech. 

Preparing for your class each day is paramount to the student experience. More than just having handouts, doing what we can to get the student to focus and to accept the training makes for instruction to be achievable.

This is very important to create a mental image of wat you want to project on your screen. Learners need to see how the knowledge and skills that they 've developed can be used indifferent settings

The plan B is always important , If you se your student not engage or participate in the lesson plan. Some time the majority of students have not experience or training in Scott Skills which are critical for career success.

Most of the times i used power point also.

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