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Large group field trips may be impractical and difficult. Perhaps an assignment to study, interview or tour a facility would help students build networks, and become familiar with the local industry. This could even be a step in the interview process.

Lesson plans should be planned ahead. Have contingency plans in place if you are needed to redirect the class. 

Keeping PowerPoints clean and to the point is helpful to the students.

Having guest speakers, taking field trips, and keeping your classroom organized keeps the students engaged. 

Bloom's Taxonomy is a new concept to me.

Organized lesson plans are useful in teacher evaluation, course betterment, and student teaching.

Be guided by your textbook and decide what are the most important things you want your students  to know. A pre-test will show what your students already know. Ice-breakers are a good way to get to know your students.

Your support materials are a critical part of your overall course. It is essential to stay up to date on tech changes because they can sometimes make your course more effective. 

Objectives for a course must be measurable and the standards help focus instructors on course content and skill development areas within the field. 

Lesson plans can help keep you on track as an instructor and also serve as an organizational tool for the entire course. These lesson plans can be treated as fluid documents and can change accordingly. 

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