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Like other instructors, I have found that not just one teaching style works. You must use a combination of techniques that attracts all learning styles of our students to help keep them motivated. 

In this lesson, I've learned the importance of proper time management, and ensuring that course content is regularly refreshed with new and relevant content. I've also learned the importance of understanding the knowledge levels of the students in order to find the balance of content to keep all students engaged as much as possible.

Planning is essential for both the student and Instructor. It has a major impact on the overall success of the course.  

You don't maximize student learning if you don't have the ability to reach them through their style of learning.  Be flexible.

I really liked the analogy of the orchestra conductor. I'm a musician, and it really makes sense to look at the class as an orchestra, and class management means that the conductor must adjust and guide every instrument section to play its part in harmony with the other sections. I always have one or two drummers, maybe one trumpet, a couple of horns, a flute and a piccolo, and several soft strings :)

To be able to evaluate knowledge base can help with formulation of a teaching plan. If learners disengage it is essential to have a back up plan to teaching and redirecting to an activity to promote learning

When using PPT for presentations 3-5 points on each slide to allow students to focus on material presented. Using models can facilitate application of information being taught.

Early preparation and timeliness shows respect for you learners. Organization and preparation will provide learners with a sense of leadership and will provide clear expectations in the classroom. 

It's vital to incorporate current technology into lessons because students will benefit both in class and in the field by being able to engage with that technology.  Also tracking student progress through various methods of assessment is crucial as well.

Objectives insure that the material you are teaching is providing what the student needs.  They need to know what you've taught, understand it, and be able to implement it in a practical sense.

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