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As a trade instructor the use of simulated scenerio's is very helpful. There are many different electrical products to be wired in our field. The use of simulated install worksheets definetly helps challenge students to learn to calculate and simulate installation of these products that can't be aquired by the school for hands on training.

I have attempted to use a selection of simulation programs in my classroom. All of them ran very slow, were glitchy, and seemed to overemphasize tiny details that the author found important instead of focusing on the big picture. When it comes to troubleshooting residential HVAC systems, sweeping the floor when you are done is not the highest priority. Also, my students are gaming on the most modern, highest speed consoles, with the latest graphics. Most simulation software out there is a technologically advanced as a Sunday school flannelgraph. 

Our school has the luxury of being a hybrid program with online lectures and in-house labs. 

Simulations can be very effective in an online learing environment as long as they work correctly.  We have all experience technical difficulties and these "gliches" can cause the student to lose motivation in that particular lesson.


trade schools help alot because not everyone can go to college  because of expence 

Not having played a single video game, I would have to learn skills to be an effective teacher utitllizing video games, as well as AI and VR techniques.

Teaching students anything that applies to the trade they are learning will help them to be successful.


with the unfortunate removal or defunding of vocational education in public shcools its nice to belong to an institution focused on teaching industrial technology. 

"The ability to apply what is learned in a meaningful and relevant context demonstrates what exactly has been learned. It also provides students with an opportunity to think about new possibilities and modified skills that might be required in specific contexts of use."


Students can simply regurgitate information provided to them, but when they can demonstrate what they have learned, it shows a true understanding. Having students reason and think through things, they are better prepared to work in their preferred field. 

It's important to get hands on practice but it is equally important to improve your problem solving skills to couple with the practical training.

Seeing the bigger picture in learning trades is not only understand the scope of what these career hold but the kind of learning that can assist in the success of these trades.


As a medical assistant instructor, it is imperative to use case studies and patient scenarios to create simulated situations to enhance critical thinking and applied skills. 


I appreciated seeing that context of the skills is as important as the skill itself.


Demonstration and the actual use of skills is what truly can determine understanding. I have used products like TestOut/LabSim to great effect to enhance the instruction and lab learning.

Simulations are a great tool to use for students to learn trades.


Great points through validation with teaching strategies with using Simulation [with patient care scenarios] that I apply with my clinical nursing students. I stress it is not just about their selected 'action' during the SIM, but to also share the 'why' or reasoning behind what they are doing (or missed doing/implementing) while the scenario was unfolding in real time with real life like experiences so a need to 'think on their feet' while collaborating with other students. Collective knowledge is power :-) I often add in 'complications' for the SIM patient so the students need to reflect, analyze, think and evaluate what is going on with the patient's condition. While making it interdisciplinary, it also requires engagement from other program students such as EMTs, Respiratory therapy, Ultrasound, Resident Physicans, etc. A great way to learn.


Contextual learning is a needed skill and lesson to a trades skills online program. It's other context that add understanding other than the trade skill being taught. For example, Its important to teach students diesel engines, brakes, and other systems. However, its also import to teach the students the decsion making when to replace the brakes in a fleet. Is it within specs for D.O.T. ? Basically, teaching the students how to become an asset to the fleet and not a liabilty regarding cost. 

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