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Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

After reading this section. I learned a few good tips. One in particular that I never really paid any attention to is the mentioning of making weird moves and postures that may be distractive. Also adding short videos to your presentation to illustrate something.

I am learning how important it is to model the behavior we desire from our students on every level. Another important thought that I have taken from this so faris that arriving at a solution to a problem immediately is not always best. Letting students go through the process and thoughts necessary to arrive at the solution is just as important as the solution itself.


"Because people are born problem solvers, the biggest challenge is to overcome the tendency to immediately come up with a solution. Let me say that again. The most common mistake in problem solving is trying to find a solution right away. That's a mistake because it tries to put the solution at the beginning of the process, when what we need is a solution at the end of the process."

When teaching troubleshooting, I often find my students rushing to diagnose without taking the proper measurements to confirm their suspicions. These are habits they will carry into the field and end up overcharging customers and having unnecessary callbacks. The emphasis should be on the process that brings the best solution, not just the solution.

All students need to learn "soft skills." Instructors model these throughout the course. I think the resources provided are very helpful. As we as instructors become more effective with our soft skills--communication, presenting, critical thinking and problem-solving, etc.--the more students will learn. 


If problems are being solved by the instructor and the students are only expected to memorize and reproduce those solutions, then their own discussion skills are not being developed.
Many time the student don’t ask questions because they don’t understand the reasoning behind what they are learning. By being able to reason through content the student can know what they don’t understand as well as what they do.

Work trying to show  more on the troubleshooting and tracing voltage that leads to the problem solving then maybe more question will be asked instead of remembering the problem and rushing to fix instead of problem solving.  

After reading this Module, I learned that it is imortant to allow the students to participate in the presentations.  Students often have great ideas that can help others understand a certain concept.   Adding visuals to your presentation can help reinforce the objective of a particular lesson.


presentations are great tool for learn because we all learn in different ways some are visual, others are hands on.  

Presentations are important because of how they can be utilized with different careers, trades, and job opportunities.

I liked the specific questions for the critical thinking for review of what they have just learned.

Plan to ask those questions on the live Zoom, to generate good discussion.

Be confident in what you are doing.


presentations are great tool sure beats the old blackbaord chalk days 

Adding dynamic content to your lectures can really help keep your students attention. 


Many times, students don’t ask questions because they really don’t understand the reasoning behind what they are learning. One of the biggest complaints that I have heard from students is the lack of the ability of the instructor to explain things to them on a level that they understand. They feel like they don't understand enough to ask the necessary questions and then they miss out on the learning opportunity. 

There is more to learning then just storing information and repeating it. There are the minor details that may not seem as important but contribute greatly to post-educational life.

Thinking like a learner is key to learning. While there is baseline compentency for a course it is really desired that curiousity is aroused and students go above and beyond the learning objectives. 


This module was informative as to provide skills to enhance student critical thinking skills for problem solving. Also, as instructor we must keep in mind it is greater than 'to do as we say' we must provide an example what we expect from them as pupils. 


Even for trade skills that are more hands on, presentation skills are important to discuss with others quality assurance and strategic ways to improve


I have looked at and evaluated a lot of online tools. Not just ones for checking plagairism either. What I have found is sorely lacking is a VIABLE tool to design and test electrical circuits (not electronics, but for residential and industrial electricity). If we could have things like that to show students how electricity flows, how to diagnose some issues, and something to practice with when they are not in a lab, this would be ideal. 

Students participating in different ways helps to keep things going and keep them present.


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