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Why Integrated Learning Matters | Origin: EL121

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Teaching Skills and Trades Online  --> Why Integrated Learning Matters

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I really like how Dr. Ruth Reynard quoted herself twice in this section. Baller move.

Technology and online learning can definitely enhance learning trades. As a nursing instructor, I have found that simulation is a safe way to practice advanced skills that could be risky to patients if not practiced in simulation. 

Technology and online learning can help develope problem solving skills which are critical with trades.  


if you apply it then you will learn it better and better the more its applied.


Learn > Apply > Results

Analyze results and variables of different scenarios.  

To set up the curriculum for this to happen and that it can be customized for 

each student's unique learning abilities. 


While learning the hands on skills is valuable, it is also important for students to learn how to be active and engaged in other aspects of their trade. Learning through the use of technology can be a valuable skillset, even for those who think they won't need it. 


Technology provides another platform for trades students to apply what they learn and improve their contextual learning as well.

Highlight and not assuming that students will understand, why and what of an assignements is important. This makes the connection between what may be interpreted as an academic only task versus a career skill. As well these connections can help reinforce the value that interdisciplinary instructions has for their career success. 


My notes of the process that includes analysis, reflection, understanding and application seem to be a good framework for integrated learning.

Again, as mentioned before, it really comes down to another tool that they can use in order to cement the skills into their toolbox. Students these days are so used to using technology, VR, and more online avenues that they are more easily able to integrate these items that may seem more familiar to them.

Problem solving skills are important.


It helps to emphasize the importance of the overall curriculum design with how educators are setting up the framework with how learning can be enhanced by building in flexibility to meet the diverse learning needs of the students while working at their own pace. As with words of wisdom from Penn Foster with curriculum design = learning concepts, the practicing those concepts, then applying a working knowledge of those concepts for more active learning :-)

Reply to Kathleen Kuznar's post: I have found the ssme.  In the Dental Hygiene field, it is critical that students have hands-on training. Along with that it is also critical that they learn to problem solve as each patient is uniquely different.  Most of the information can be learned through technology and online learning but it is key to have simulation for safe practice.


Technology and online learning is a upgraded approach to learning trade skills. This adds more value to practical learning, which increases problem solving and critical thinking skills. 

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