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Introduction to Virtual Internships (VIs) | Origin: EL119

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Virtual Internships --> Introduction to Virtual Internships (VIs)

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I learned a variety of different things in this module but what I found the most interesting was how to avoid virtual internship scams. The examples that were provided were spot on. 

I was not aware that virtual internships existed until I saw this education topic.  I am in the healthcare field, and the examples provided are more business-related internships.  Has anyone had any experience with virtual internships and the healthcare world?


I was also not aware that this was an option for internships but believe that this could be a viable option for our Business students that are needing to fulfill this as a requirement to graduate. It will be an option that we will be looking into for furture graduates. 


I didn't know these existed until this module. What a productive and inclusive idea.


Virtual Internships can work in a variety of positions and company.  Avoiding scams is going to be very important. 


In the world of COVID I think virtual internships are even more important to get our students some practical experience and provide them more to put on their resume.  To avoid scams I think using the school’s career services office to vet the opportunities and distribute them to students and graduates is a good way to mitigate that potential exposure.


I'm sure there are more opportunities for VI in this past year than ever before.  Understanding potential for scams is important.


The information on potential scams is very important. In fact, a good friend of my, who has her doctorate, was scammed for a full-time job. It ended up costing her more than $7,000, in addition, to the mental toll. 


The seven soft skills are important, as well, as being sure to create space, boundaries, and a schedule.


I feel like you can have the students learn at their own time

The risk of scams is concerning. I recently heard about how common the money handling scams are impacting students from my son (among his school mates).

On the other hand, the value of VI as preparation for a more distributed work environment may make these important opportunities and good experiences.

Tips for avoiding scams.


The information was very interesting and much needed. I learned to use some of the key words to identify VI scamming jobs. This is so prominent in our workforce and the information was a reminder to be aware of the opportunity for scammers to invade our work space.

Dr. Yvette Artis


paul smith vi scammiming it to the work space

I wasn't aware that virtual internships existed prior to this module. I feel that this could be a viable option for our students and can be very beneficial.


I think virtual internships works for those students with open mind and computer literate

In this module I learned about Virtual internship, its advantages and disadvantages, or scams.


First time I heard about virtual externships. Something to look into for future references.


We have many students who do virtual internships and I presently have a VI that I am overseeing. There are lots of challenges, and I am definately open to insights from this course. It can not be overstated that some students who are likely to excell and some not likely to excell, the same is discovered by Independent Study classes, some students should not take IS courses. 


In the age of COVID it is important to have the option of VI's, a student can still excel in a VI.  The information on VI scams was invaluable.

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