April Grant

April Grant

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I plan to apply my learning in my everyday life as I engage with faculty and others to help us reach our goals. 

I enjoyed learning more about negotiation and how to frame it.    Very helpful information and I look forward to using it.

This section helps when providing or even receiving feedback.  


In order to persuade, you must build your credability with your audience. 


Focused direction and a motivated team will take your vision the furthest. 


Coaching is a great way to help your team with their goals so everyone succeeds. 


A great overview of the expectations for the site to always be ready for a visit.  Also, some great insight about being the one to visit the site.  


This was very helpful in reflecting on my next steps. 


I loved the part about elminating the limiting mindset.   It's amazing how many times people say that they can't do something or won't, but they don't examine how a goal can be achieved. 


I've been able to gain a better understanding of role of leadership in higher education. 


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