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Why Utilize Virtual Internships | Origin: EL119

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Virtual Internships --> Why Utilize Virtual Internships

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One thing that I found interesting in this module that I had not thought about was the fact that in VIs, interns do not have the ability to turn to a coworker when an issue arises. This adds a new element to the game. I also learned that ICT is often confused with IT. Truthfully, I have been intermixing prior to learning the difference. 

Virtual Internships (VI) are here to stay. I am writitng this post as the COVID 2020 pandemic is underway and people have been forced to do everything (well many things) virtually. I like how this module reminded us of the many perks of VI - for example, there can be less timewasted and it can also be vey adnvtageous for those with disabilities. 


I have always told our externship graduates to add that experience to their resumes to show experience in the field they are going into. It is good to see that companies ARE looking for that and are also encouraging the VI's to do so. The goal of most VI's should be to convert them to full time hire if its possible.

VIs are a big part of the future of internships.


There are many benefits to Vis, such as obtaining a larger pool of potential applicants, the intern does not need physical space at the company location, and the elimination of unproductive work hours.  Of course, there are challenges with Vis for both the employer and the student.  It is not always easy to track work hours and ensure the intern is being as efficient as possible.  With increased competition it makes it harder for students to land one of the VIs as well.  However, if the school can establish recruiting pipelines with companies that could help their students land these highly beneficial opportunities.

As stated in the reading, there are so many benefits to VI and I wonder if we will continue to see this used as heavily once the pandemic is over.


Virtual Internships offer both advantages and disadvantages. The social aspect and networking needs to be built in for virtual interns, as this is a very valuable aspect of an internship and the job world. Virtual internships offer opportunities for those who may need accommodations, as well.

Virtual Internships can avail of collaboration and team work from the daily technology used. As we have seen with the recent Pandemic, Zoom and other virtual environments means that support is often only a quick click away!

I'm not sure this will work on all of my classes because they st need to do the hand on wiring 

I was surprised by the research that seems to show such a large interest and willingness considering the disadvantages. However, there are clearly pros and cons and this makes me want to dig into the advantages more deeply.

Virtual Internships provide the opportunity to allow flexibility in the workplace. It decreases the overhead associated with building space and creates an environment that promotes work, family, and life balance.

Dr. Artis


Virtual internships promote a flexible work environment and can be accomodating for a lot individuals for various reasons.

In this module I learned about more virtual internship, its advantages and disadvantages.

When companies opened the door to VI few years ago, they decided to keep it open forever. VI is here to stay.


There are definately benefits and drawbacks of VI's. As a person who usually enjoyed going to the office to feel a part of a team, and still go to the office (though there is less pressure to do so) to be seen as a part of the team, being remote only, would for me be limiting. Creative solutions for connecting and inclusion are really needed. 


There are both pros and cons with using VIs.  One of the downfalls is the lack of in-person interaction and networking. 


I agree with some of the comments. Virtual Internships are here to stay. If notheing else, COVID has forces schools and facilities to improve technology skillsand analize teaching methodologies. 

A student will not have to take time to travel and may not have to change their class schedule.  A student will learn how to work with minimal supervision.


VIs can be a true test to see if someone is really prepared for the real life job.


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