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Integrated Career Services Affects Retention | Origin: RT103

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Implementing Successful Student Retention Strategies --> Integrated Career Services Affects Retention

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I learned that job readiness early on is of major importance. To help the student early on to have a vision and a goal as to where they want to work, the student must review their weaknesses and strengths .  I do talk about my job experiences of over 40 years, I do talk about the very exciting professions and the good days and the bad days. Many graduates often send messages after they have jobs and state how those real life stories helped them in the field.

I have learned that it is vital to start students on their career path from the moment they begin the admissions process. By starting the students on such a path, it gives them a more career ended goal instead of one of just finishing school to get it over with. Through instructors telling about their own personal experiences in the field and having the option to get new graduates information to potential employers, it will allow some of the burden on the student to ease and in turn help them be more successful.


I intend to apply this by encouraging instructors to be more personalable in their courses, talking a bit more about what they do in their chosen fields and I plan on looking into a way to see if there is a possibility in implementing a jobs available section on our website.

The Placement Department plays a vital role in the students success. An effective Placement Department should be student centered and the staff should be caring. Job placement should be built into the training experience and put together resume help, with interviewing strategies. 

This will motivate and prepare the students to graduate and reach their goals.

Placement department plays a big part in retention students should be reminded about what their role is so they can always get ideas of the work after school


As an employee in the Career Services Department I learned that it is important to keep the communication open with the student assisting them with retention as in attending thier on the job training. This key role is also important in showing the student accountability.

Job placement begins with admissions conversations when students are determining where they see themselves.  It should be talked about early and often by instructors so that externship and job acceptance will be a natural progression through each program.

Carreer placement starts with understanding your student talents and passion from the admissions process. As they progress through their program identifying key skills that students may have with their involvement in activities in the program is key to placement. It helps motivate students througout the program, and to complete the program and find placement. 

I love how they talk about Career Readiness starting in the admissions process. 

I learned that many professors have worked in the field in which they're teaching, and can effectively integrate career opportunities in their curriculum by disucssing those possibilities. I will apply what I learned by continuing to volunteer at my campus' graduation as a way to encourage the students to seek employment in their field.


I learned that employment skills training that requires personal assessment helps students to identify their positive qualities. Students can be successful when they are aware of their positive qualities and personal strengths. The awareness of these personal attributes is something that can increase persistence during challenging times.


I learned thet many instructors h ave previousl worked in the field in which they are teaching. Students should be taught employment skills training, which should be inclusive of job readiness, resume writing as well as interviewing skillls. Schools should implement great orientations programs, effective mentoring, student classroom involvement,  fabulous graduations and successful placement. All these are great qualities to enhance retention.

Schools need to have a website with job listings so that current students see that there is a need. 

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