Remilyn Halina

Remilyn Halina

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This is great to learn and be aware of the difference between synchonous and asynchronous. Be aware of the advantages and disadvantage of each learning style.

Having the right people for each job is the first step in providing exemplary student service.

In order to learn about e-learners, students should post a short biography of themselves to be shared with everyone.

Quality courses provides learners with a complete, properly sequenced, concise, easily studied, adequately illustrated and sufficiently elaborated content to enable them to acquire the desired learning outcomes.

I really believed that Emotional Intelligence is more important than IQ.

"A customer-oriented philosophy and Attitude must be embraced by the entire administration, staff and faculty."

It says "If we are modeling, mentoring and monitoring for our students everyday, then we are coaching them toward success."

"An effective and active placement department is an integral part of a school's retention plan."

("The graduation ceremony should be fun and inspiring event for graduates. They worked hard to reach this point.")

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