Abigail Jones

Abigail Jones

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Good customer service does not only benefit students

Positivity is important in keeping students self-motivated. 

I think it makes sense that students are more likely to believe in themselves when they can see others believing in them as well. 

It is important to hold yourself to the same standards that you are holding your students to. If you are not modeling success then students will have no role models to learn from. 

Students come into education already having their own HABES and it is important in keeping this in mind when assessing their barriers and helping them find solutions.

I think it makes a lot of sense that students care more about their education when they feel cared about. 

I think the most important point emphasized in this lesson is that you can attempt to implement whatever kind of improvements/services you want, but if you do not follow through with these initiatives they will not serve the institution in the long run. 

I think it makes sense to help students imagine/attain the successful future they wanted for themselves when they enrolled in classes. After all, if it is the belief that they can no longer achieve this future that drives them to drop out. 

It was interesting to see the stress diagram. I think it makes a lot of sense that students reach the point of attrition when they reach the point where they don't feel like they have any reserves or resources left. 

I learned that students often choose to leave school when they feel unheard, unsupported, overcharged, and undersupported. A big part of retention is paying attention to student needs and making sure they are getting met. 

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