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Creating a positive learning environment is key to managing your classroom. Without positive reinforcement students will avoid attending class and feel like their goals are not supported. I will apply the WIFFM - what in it for me when it comes to my students. I already had this approach, but defining it in this way helps to develop an even better approach for my students. 

I really love HABE's and how it can help students create a proper approach for success in the educational journey. HABE's allows educators to connect with students by not only setting goals, but sharing our personal journey so that students can relate and connect on a different level. Educators should always understand that students are our customers, and we should always communicate clearly with a positive vision in mind.

Overall in academics it is vitally important to personally know your students and identify issues as the arise. If a student is absent from class, it takes the academic team to recognize their absence and reaching out to let the student know they have support for their academic success. Once a students know that someone cares if they are present, they will feel that they belong and will try their best to succeed which will overall increase retention.  

Carreer placement starts with understanding your student talents and passion from the admissions process. As they progress through their program identifying key skills that students may have with their involvement in activities in the program is key to placement. It helps motivate students througout the program, and to complete the program and find placement. 

Celebrating a students achievments from the start of their journey all the way through completions celebrates and encourages the student body. When students feel like the focus is on them, and that an institution is soley focused on their success, they will naturally want to succeed. 

Mentoring is a key component to help students through the process of starting a new education program. It can assist them dealing with any form of anxiety with all that is new to them starting out. Having an exciting orientation with support of a mentor helps students start an complete their programs which overall improves retention of a program. 

I learned that retention efforts start from the admission process, the more information that you can gain from an applicant the better understadning you can have on how to retain them. 


Taking the ED104 course help me to see educational situations from a students perspective. The course reminded me of how students may feel in different situations and how to handle different situations as an educator. I thought it was a great course!

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