Jennifer Castillo

Jennifer Castillo

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I truly enjoyd this lesson as it is important on how others read and understand the point you are trying to make.

It is important for the students to know what they are going into and getting them motivated to do so...

I learned that it is important to hear the students out listen carefully and think about what or how you are going to respond.

I learned that it is important to make that repor with the students so that they keep the communication and trust the process in building the employer relationship.

As an employee in the Career Services Department I learned that it is important to keep the communication open with the student assisting them with retention as in attending thier on the job training. This key role is also important in showing the student accountability.

It is important to show the students that they are important and we are here to help and assist them. Showing them that they are important and that we are here to see them succeed...


I learned that mentoring is important because it allows the students to come to you with any issues personal or at school. This keeps an open communication and no retenship problem. You know their next steps.


I have learned that it is better to take your time interviewing a student to know what it is they want to do and to find out the WHY.


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